June 13, 2017

INTERIORS | Our Renovation - Master Bedroom

We moved into our Edwardian house almost four years ago and one of the first rooms we tackled was the master bedroom. 

This was a pretty big project because everything needed replacing or a significant amount of work. We replaced the double glazing, radiator and carpet and removed wallpaper, restored the fireplace and reinstated the picture rail before decorating the room.



When we moved in pretty much every surface was covered in wallpaper and the bedroom was no exception. We started by stripping the paper from the walls and then spent ages painstakingly filling and sanding back the walls to give it a smooth surface to paint.

We also restored the original cast iron fireplace. After several attempts to remove the multiple layers of paint, we eventually found a product called PeelAway paint remover. Once most of the paint was removed, we used a wire brush attachment on a drill to take off the last of the paint and then we used a black polish to bring back the original finish. The No Rain No Flowers banner is from Weald Store.

All of the original pine doors had been painted with several layers of paint over the years, so we found a dipping service at a local reclamation yard and sent them away to be dipped. Once they were sent away we soaked the hinges and door furniture and then polished them up ready to be reattached.

The double-glazed units at the front of the house were really old UPVC so we replaced them with new double glazed timber units. We also replaced every radiator in the house with a more period appropriate style.

One of the last jobs we did in this room was to reinstate the picture rail. I love how this adds so much more character to the room. Above the picture rail and the ceiling is white, below is Farrow & Ball Blackened. Finally we replaced the very tired and old carpet with this one.

We originally had oak bedside tables but they felt too heavy in the room so we replaced them with a set of mid-century Ercol pebble tables, which feel much lighter. The bed linen is Orla Kiely and the lamp is from Anglepoise.

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  1. It looks lovely and perfect for an Edwardian home. I live in one too and renovation projects are never simple, are they?!

    1. Thanks so much Lizzie! They sure are more trouble than they first appear! x

  2. Wow!Now this is what I was looking for. I too want double glazing uk fixing. It will be better to get an agent and show this details so that they can help me the best.


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