July 17, 2017

INTERIORS | Our Renovation - The Bathroom

We moved into our Edwardian home almost four years ago and have slowly worked our way through renovating each room in turn.

The bathroom was in dire need of attention. The suite was old, the floor was dark, all the woodwork was painted buttercup yellow and there was a lace shower curtain.



This room has a particular significance for us because we started the renovation a couple of days before our daughter was born. We didn't know she was on the way because I was only 29 weeks pregnant at the time. So when I went into labour, we were in the midst of repairing the window, the old tiles were on the floor and we had taken the sink out.

We started by renovating the original sash window. We put in new weights so the window opened and shut properly, replaced the broken panes of glass, and sanded, primed and repainted the window frames.

Next we stripped the room, removing the old tiles, fake dado rail, the shower rail and curtains. We removed the vent and insulated the wall by the window. We tiled around the bath and attached batons to the remaining walls for tongue and groove panelling. We sanded and repainted all of the woodwork, plastered the hole in the ceiling and repositioned the light pull.

Source list:
Bathroom suite and Radiator - Victoria Plumb
Tiles - Walls and Floors.
Walls - Dulux Trade Brilliant White Emulsion
Panelling - Pale Dove Grey Eggshell from Laura Ashley
Floor - White Floor Paint from Ronseal
Bathroom cabinet - St Ives Cupboard from John Lewis

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