February 05, 2018

KIDS | IKEA Modern Dolls House

We gave Lily a dollhouse as her main Christmas present. I looked at quite a few options before settling on the IKEA one, it's a good size for Lily's sylvanian animals and it has quite a modern feel to it.
We bought most of the furniture, either on amazon or eBay. Most of the pieces had pink accents, so we had a fun few hours in the run up to Christmas painting those white. We also collected and made a few other items.

I made a little pillow, mattress and Liberty print quilt for the bed. The lampshade in the bedroom is a H&M Christmas ornament, which is an uncanny lookalike for the actual lampshade in our bedroom at home.

I made the log burner by cutting a hole in a loo roll tube and painting it with black poster paint. The flame is just a battery powered tealight, which flickers. I also added some flames, which are just cut from a piece of felt.

As you probably know, we spend a lot of time in DIY stores at the moment while we're renovating our home; so when I spotted the copper end cap in the plumbing aisle, I knew it would make a perfect mini plant pot.

I still have a couple of pieces of furniture I would like to add. I think the rabbits need a little sofa or perhaps a hanging chair to relax in, beside the log burner :)

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