n. chiefly British
             1. a woodland
             2. an area of open rolling upland
[ from weald, a once-forested area in southeast England, from Old English wald, weald, forest]

I'm Charmaine, a writer and photographer living in the beautiful Essex countryside, with my husband Chris, our daughter Lily and our rescue dog Mollie. 

Weald is a family blog dedicated to interior design and family adventures near and far. As a family we are happiest outdoors, camping, enjoying coastal walks or visiting beautiful gardens.  

I love to tell stories through photography and have worked with The National Trust, Roskilly's, The Leach Pottery, Rick Stein and The Lost Gardens of Heligan amongst others. I also regularly contribute to This is Your Kingdom and have also contributed to The Simple Things Magazine. 

I also run the online homewares and lifestyle store Weald Store.

If you are interested in working with me, please email me at wealdblog[at]gmail.com. I can offer a range of sponsored curated content and can work with you to provide reviews, photography and giveaways.